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Hey there! I'm a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Omaha, Ne. I've been shooting freelance and full-time for about 8 years now. I absolutely love photography and everything it's helped me become. From getting to help capture real moments for people that they want to remember forever to all the incredible places in this world it has taken me.

I'm lucky enough to have such an incredible wife, Kimberly. We share our home with two sweet black lab pups that keep our house full of energy. We shoot together for most of our weddings and travel as often as we can.  Definitely too many beautiful places in this world to stay in one place too long.

I mainly shoot portraits and weddings, and have a big passion for anything outdoors, especially anywhere in the mountains where you can sleep under the stars in awe and climb the highest points.  If you're interested in me capturing something for you, just send me a message, I'd love to chat with you.

Thank you again and hope you enjoy the photos!